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Diving at GarajauMadeira Sonho works together with several renowned diving schools along the South Coast, in the protected Marine Nature Reserve of Caniço/Garajau. Because of the Gulf Stream, you will see many exotic fish here as well as more well-known Atlantic species; in the summer, there is a good chance of seeing the spectacular Manta Rays! At Cap Garajau, you will see large groupers almost every time.
The divers of these diving schools are mostly of German and Austrian origin, speak English and Portuguese as well as German and have a lot of experience. You can start diving directly from the shore or go on a boat dive. Closer to Funchal there are some interesting boat wrecks to be seen under water.
Please note: if you wish to go diving, please bring a recent (i.e. less than a year old) doctor's certificate and your logbook!

Prices depend on your equipment and whether you wish to take a diving course, do an accompanied dive or just borrow equipment and dive on your own. But just to give an indication: there are packages of 4 dives (tank & weights) from € 85 per person, packages of 10 dives (tank & weights) from € 195 per person.

A basic diving course (PADI Open Water or CMAS One Star Diving Course) costs € 360 per person, including 4-5 dives, equipment, theory, certification, and logbook.

If you are thinking about going diving and wish to have more information, please get in touch with us!

Manta Ray Diving



Surfing MadeiraMadeira is the ideal place to go on a surfing holiday – the best season for this is between October and April, when part of the island's coast is exposed to the North West swells that cross the Atlantic every year. The best surfing spots on the island include Lugar de Baixo, Jardim do Mar and Paul do Mar, but there are many others besides. Because of the excellent surfing conditions, the annual International Surf Competition is held at Jardim do Mar. The quiet and idyllic old village on the South-West coast of the island also hosted, in 2000, the Red Bull Big Wave Challenge, and a year later the World Championship Surfing, making it famous internationally.

Madeira Sonho can offer you, with the Casa da Cecilia, the perfect accommodation for a relaxing holiday! Jardim do Mar stands on a plateau looking down to the ocean against a backdrop of spectacular cliffs. The village with its three restaurants and five bars is a real surfer's paradise, but also a great place to relax and go hiking, sailing, snorkelling or swimming.

Here’s a quick description of the best surfing spots:

  • Lugar de Baixo: Fast, powerful right hander, reef, starts working at 2.5m-3m / 8ft-10ft and holds up to 3m+ / 10ft+
    Experienced surfers...
  • Jardim do Mar: Powerful world class right hander, reef, starts working at over 3.5m / 12ft and holds up to 5m / 16 ft and over
    Pro or Hardcore surfers only...
  • Paul do Mar: Fast and powerful regional classic right hander, reef, works at all tides starts working at 1.5m-2m /5ft-6ft and holds up to 4m+ / 12ft
    Experienced surfers...
Jardim do Mar, Madeira