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Jardim do Mar Jardim do Mar Cobbled path in Jardim do Mar Grapes in a village garden Jardim do Mar Pathway

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Jardim do Mar is without any doubt the prettiest village on the South Coast. It sits at the Eastern end of the coast, on a small plateau sloping down to the sea, surrounded by vineyards and fields. The flowers originally growing abundantly in the area due to the mild climate gave the village its name, “garden of the sea”. Now it is mostly an agricultural village, producing grapes, bananas, mangos, avocados, and yams; there are just 200 inhabitants. The village dates back to the 16th century and still preserves its old structure, with cobbled pathways, traditionally paved with mosaics, dividing the houses. Many of the houses are beautifully restored and have lovely gardens and hidden courtyards.

Besides the village church, built in 1906 on the spot of the old 16th century chapel, the remains of the “Quinta da Piedade” with its adjoining chapel as well as the ruins of a sugarcane factory down by the sea testify to Jardim’s history. Steps, as well as a street (the only one you are allowed to drive along) lead down to the promenade by the sea, circling the village. Old Sugarcane Factory

Quinta da Piedade

The fact that there is no traffic in the village makes it one of the most peaceful places on the island. Here you can relax, enjoy sunny days, beautiful sunsets, and starry nights – this end of the coast gets the best of Madeiran weather all year around. There are several restaurants with typical Madeiran food, as well as a number of very pleasant cafés and bars.


One of Jardims three beaches

Surfing at Jardim do Mar

Calheta beach

Swimming and surfing is possible at one of the village’s three beaches: Portinho, Enseada en Ponta Jardim. Two of these are pebble beaches, while one offers easy access to the sea by means of stairs and a ramp. None of these beaches are supervised.




Jardim do Mar is famous for very good year-round surfing conditions, which is why the annual International Surf Competition is held here. It also hosted, in 2000, the Red Bull Big Wave Challenge, and a year later the World Championship Surfing, making the village famous internationally.



In nearby Calheta there is an artificial sandy beach with sand imported from Morocco, with changing facilities and cafés. This beach is supervised. Although snorkelers will find Jardim’s beaches far more interesting, this is a good option for families.


Hiking is also very popular at this end of the island, and many hikers make Jardim do Mar their point of departure. There are a number of popular nearby routes, such as the one to Paul do Mar along the pebble beach, but also longer rambles along the levadas starting from Prazeres or Fajã da Ovelha. By car, you will reach the island’s mountainous interior and the impressive plateau of Paúl da Serra in no time.

Levada at Prazeres

Other Activities

Madeira Sonho offers various excursions & activities which you can book with your travel package – whether you like to spend a relaxing day on a boat or be more active and go diving, cycling, horseback riding, play golf, go paragliding or explore Madeira's exuberant nature in the company of a biologist, there is sure to be something for you there! Check out the many possibilities!