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Location and Activities


Funchal RiverThe Rua do Carmo, where the apartment is located, connects the two streets that run along two of the main rivers of Funchal. It is just a 5 minute walk down to the ocean. Marked on one side by the pretty Carmo church and on the other by the Rua Visconde Anadia, the Rua do Carmo is a pleasant and generally quiet street, with a number of shops, cafés and small restaurants. Here you are in the heart of Funchal, very close to the market (Mercado dos Lavradores) where you can buy fresh fish and fruit, the old city with its narrow cobbled streets, and the fifteenth-century Sé cathedral in the heart of town. Museums, historic monuments, shopping centres, Funchal nightlife, beautiful parks with subtropical vegetation – it's all within easy reach.

Funchal Market  



Bairreirinha beachThe nearest swimming facility, Barreirinha beach, is about a 10 minute walk from the apartment do Carmo. It is located at the end of the old part of the town, right next to the São Tiago Fortress. It offers good conditions to its visitors and the water quality is certified by the "Blue Flag", guaranteeing its cleanliness. The beach is supervised; there is a swimming pool for children and easy access to the ocean by means of steps and ladders. There are changing rooms, lockers, parasols, sun beds, a snack bar, a medical centre and a car park. During the weekends, this beach tends to get a bit overcrowded.

For those who don't mind going a bit further, there are the beaches in the Lido area, just a 5 minute bus ride away: the famous Lido bathing complex with its 50m seawater pool, the Ponta Gorda beach, the private Clube Naval (accessible to tourists), the seawater pools of Doca do Cavacas and the natural pebble beach Praia Formosa, all (except for Praia Formosa) with very good facilities.



Funchal is the ideal point of departure for levada walks, as all buses leave from and go back to Funchal. In order to avoid having to make the same walk in both directions, the most convenient thing to do is to take one bus to the point of departure and another when you finish. Walking guides and maps, available at the tourist office, generally point out which buses you need to take. There are a number of walks which can be reached easily from Funchal, one of the most famous ones being the walk down from Eira do Serrado to Curral das Freiras, Nun's Valley. There are also many levada walks nearby which are easily reached by bus, whereas the mountaneous interior of the island can be explored better by car or by taxi.

Curral das Freiras  


Other Activities

Madeira Sonho offers various excursions & activities which you can book with your travel package – whether you like to spend a relaxing day on a boat or be more active and go diving, cycling, horseback riding, play golf, go paragliding or explore Madeira's exuberant nature in the company of a biologist, there is sure to be something for you there!