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Some facts & practical information

Madeira - Satellite PictureMadeira is a subtropical island of volcanic origins, situated in the Atlantic Ocean 600 km off the coast of Morocco. Nevertheless it is a Portuguese island, as the Portuguese "discovered" the island around 1418; in fact Madeira had been discovered a long time before, but no-one had settled there yet.

Madeiran Coastline - Near Sao JorgeThe name of the island, "Madeira", means "wood" in Portuguese – a reference to the island's ancient and still existent Laurisilva forests, which are now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Madeira is the only place in the world besides the Canary Islands where you can still find this kind of laurel forest, dating back to the ice age.


Madeira is also known as the Island of Flowers because of its mild climate, which allows flowers to bloom all year around. Add to this the spectacular mountainous landscape and the fact that the Golf Stream keeps the water temperature pleasantly warm (from 17 degrees in the winter to 26 in the summer), and you have a perfect holiday destination for any time of the year.


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